11 Ways Travel Has Ruined My Life

I’ve been travelling full time for 2 years now. And those 2 years have been absolutely amazing. But…. they’ve also basically ruined my life. 

During the last 2 years I’ve spent time in Mexico, Florida, Canada, and spent 3 months road tripping the USA in my little Toyota Echo. Next up is South East Asia and Europe… Needless to say, they are many more adventures coming my way!

I’ve learned SO MUCH about the world ‘out there’, and also so much about myself. They say travel changes you, but I had no idea it would change me in these ways!

Keep reading to learn how travel has forever ruined my life. It will ruin yours too, if you set off down a similar path!


How Travel has Ruined my Life

1. I have commitment issues

What if I book my flight and something amazing comes up the day after I’m supposed to be on it, in a completely different part of the world?? Or if I book my room rental, and an amazing deal pops up tomorrow?! How about if I book a trip to Greece, but an awesome conference, or great housesit gets announced in Columbia?! Gahh!!! This is tense stuff!! It takes me giving myself one hell of a pep talk to convince me to push the ‘book now’ button, no matter what the situation is. Commitment is scary.


2. Dating is HARD

Sitting across from someone in some dimly lit bar or restaurant, trying to make small talk, asking the dry ‘requisite’ questions about work or pets or family life, desperately searching for common interests and goals… How utterly BORING.

I want to hear about your last adventure. I want to GO on an adventure. Tell you about the people I met in the last country I travelled to. Compare our favourite castle or country or beach. Discuss the grossest thing you ate in what exotic locale, and compare where the cheapest place to live is that you’ve found. My world has become so large and exciting, that the daily mindless tasks like going to work and walking the dog just don’t provide enough fodder for a date.

Obviously, my dating life is ruined!

From the top of the Coba ruins, 42 meters tall


3. My friends live too far away

Being a wanderer means it’s hard to make friends. Except with other wanderers. We understand each other. We GET the need to keep moving, and that sometimes plans change at the last minute. Wanderers are really the only people who I can become true friends with. Because of this, my friends end up spread out all over the world. And I’m usually left with no other option than to HAVE TO travel to see them. It’s a tough life being a traveller.



4. I photograph everything I eat

It really is a terrible habit. And I apologize. Mostly… But not really, though. When I’m out
there in the world, meals are a huge highlight of my days. As a former chef, food is something that I understand, unlike a foreign language or cultural norms. It can bring together friends, both new and old.

And usually, it’s a beautiful plate that deserves photographing. And I want to remember all of it! Not so much the plate itself, really… but the experience that came with the plate. The friends I was with and the city I was in. The feelings I felt. The smells I smelt. Holy.. Travel is making me sappy, too! I’ll embrace it though 😉

Delicious falafel platter in Playa del Carmen, Mx


5. I can never find the food I’m craving

When I’m in Mexico I crave peanut butter m&m’s and fresh pasta… Back in Canada I’d kill for a fresh empanada… And in the US I miss all dressed chips and poutine… But in Asia you’ll find me searching for a taco…

This makes feeding a craving ridiculously difficult! And I’m a bit of a foodie, so feeding food cravings is a bit of a hobby of mine. Life as a traveller is hard. Ruined, even.


6. Staying in one place gets boring

I thrive on variety. It’s the spice of life, if you haven’t heard! When I’ve been somewhere for a few months, I grow bored. The same walls and streets, places to eat and hangout… That doesn’t mean I love the place any less. But when that 2-3 month mark hits, I’m ready to explore somewhere new.

This may seem weird to most people. Most ‘normal’ people thrive on stability and routine. And I get it, that’s what society has taught us to do. But after living that life for 28 years, I’m SO over it!!

Ready to explore the world


7. Owning a home sounds like a terrible decision

See reason #– of how travel has ruined my life. I get bored. Owning a house means I have to be in one place longer than a few months. Sure, I could rent it out. But there are responsibilities that come with home ownership. Like bills and repairs and yard maintenance. All things that my life is better without. If I DO get to the point where I’m ready to own a home, it will be a few small apartments in 3-4 different cities around the world. So when I get bored I can go to a different place, andrent out my other ones. Look at that.. I just made a life plan! Strike #X off the list!


8. I have no long term life plan

Pffftttt…. I don’t even have a plan for the rest of the year! I plan 2-3 months out. And by plan, I mean I have a general idea of where I’ll be… but that’s about it. I never know when a great opportunity will present itself, so it’s better for me to just be free! “But what about retirement?! You have to plan for that!!” Ummm… Why? I basically live a life of retirement now. Why should I expect that to change? Who says I’ll even live that long?! Embrace every day, I say!



9. I have way too many stories to share- and that’s probably annoying

Want to hear about the time we bused to Valladolid and ended up leaving a day and a half early because ants infested Seth’s computer? Or how about the 3 months we lived in the car and never planned more than 24 hours in advance? Or the time we missed our flight out of NYC so spent the night sleeping in the airport? Ooo what about the story about how we rescued sea turtles?!

We’re only 2 years in, so the amazing story bank is just going to keep growing. Chances are, I’ll pop out with some random tale at pretty much every gathering. Sooo… I’m sorry. But not really though.


10. Sometimes I forget what language to speak

This is a terrible problem to have. Granted, I’m only rocking a passable level of Spanish and French, and a (formerly) fluent level of German, but even with those few options I still seem to throw out the wrong language more that one would consider normal.. Especially when returning to Canada after an extended stay in Mexico, it’s not unusual for me to respond with ‘si’ or ‘hola’ or ‘gracias’ for the first few days, or weeks. Though I often get funny looks for this, I’d rather be language-confused than stuck with only one language.


11. I can’t hold down a job

Time zones, internet connectivity, and my penchant for hoping onto planes with little notice make keeping a job pretty difficult. That doesn’t mean I don’t have an income. It just means I don’t earn a single paycheck for some sort of standardized, consistent work. My commitment issues and boredom tend to play into this as well. It’s more entertaining and easier for me to have several different means of earning money, vs having a job that requires specific hours and tasks from me. So I’m basically a professional temp. And I’m ok with that! Besides… Who wants to work a normal job when this is your view most days??


So as you can see, my life is pretty much ruined thanks to travel 😉


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A. Blizzard

I’m a former teen mom, a career chef and an entrepreneur with a life-long wanderlust. My son and I recently became unschoolers and world-schoolers! This means we travel full-time and use our real-life experiences as a basis for his education. It’s a blast, and we’re both learning so much as we go!
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Your story is inspiring which definitely needs lot of strength. All the best 😊

Aleah | SolitaryWanderer

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I can so relate with #9. When I go back home from my travels, I have to be aware of not sharing too much because my family and friends can’t relate. If I do forget, they make fun of me. 🙁 IT’s why I appreciate my online friends who love traveling. We can share all we want!


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Can definitely relate to a lot of these; particularly having friend all over the world!

itinera magica

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This is so true! I can really relate to this!


I would love to know how she earns on the road

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