Best Food Carts in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

One of the most prominent food scenes here is the food cart scene. You’ll see carts on almost every corner throughout the whole city! This post will share some of the best food carts in Playa, but will no way hit all of them! There are some seriously amazing stands here in town. One could eat for months at food carts alone, and still not see all of them! Many do money around, though many more have found stationary locations. Hopefully none of these move, but it’s always a possibility!

I hope you enjoy this list, and find some great places to eat during your time here!


Best food carts in Playa del Carmen

One of these Empanada Stands, Av 30 y Calle 16; Calle 2, between Av 30 y Av 25

Somehow it took me a full month of living in Playa to find these stands, and I’m thrilled I finally did!! They make the empanada fresh, right in front of you, so you know it’s still hot and crispy when you get it. Choose from a variety of fillings, including cheese, chicken, pork, chorizo, beef, potato and a few others. My favs are pollo and potato. Both stands have crema, pico de gallo, cabbage and onions to top it with. For $8mx each, this will be the cheapest meal you’ll find in all of Playa!

They both also have other options like tortas and tacos, but just trust me on the empanadas… you won’t regret it!!

Fair warning.. They close by 2pm, so get there early!

Stand on Calle 4, between Ave 25 &  Ave 30



Stand on Calle 18, Ave 30. Just across from Mega

I think I might like these more than I like tacos! And I LOVE tacos!


Empanada stand at Fruteria Esmeralda, Av C.T.M (Calle 46) y Avenida 15 norte

Our friends introduced us to this one.. It’s only open until around 2pm, or until they sell out. The empanadas are delicious, and come with spicy pickled onions, coleslaw, salsa and cheese as long as their supplies last. At only 9 pesos each, these are a fantastic snack to pick up in the morning and bring to the beach.


Taco stand in front of Mini Super Nachito, Av C.T.M (Calle 46) y Avenida 10 norte

Another one we wouldn’t have found without friends. This stand is set up all night long, and another one takes it’s place for lunch and the afternoon. They serve a few different choices of meats: Chorizo, beef, pork and a combination taco.

You will be offered the standard grilled onions, or raw onions with cilantro. I generally opt for both! Tacos then come with salsa verde and salsa roja/hot sauce.

I tried chorizo here, mostly because they had run out of beef. I wasn’t as excited by it, I didn’t feel like chorizo was the best taco filling ever. But salsa and onions make (almost) anything delicious!

Only 8 pesos make these an amazingly cheap meal! One time I even asked for extra tortillas so I could use my leftover rotisserie chicken, and they gave  me 4 extra and didn’t charge me anything! Highly recommend them.

Making a combo Taco, with beef, pork and chorizo

Working on my chorizo tacos. They dip the tortillas in the liquid on the side, then heat them on the grill

My chorizo tacos. Delicious, but a little bland for me

My chorizo tacos. Delicious, but a little bland for me


Churro Stand, Av Benito Juarez y Avenida 25 norte (across from Colectivo queue)

We found this churro truck on our first day walking around Playa, and could never find him again! Finally, in our last week, we found him parked here and managed to squeeze in a few more visits. If you’ve never had a churro, you must stop in for a bag! They are a delicious pasty that is piped into a deep fryer. Once removed, it is rolled in cinnamon sugar. At only 20 pesos, this is one treat you can’t miss!

Excited boy after finding churros

Excited boy after finding churros


15th ave taco stand park, Av Benito Juarez & Avenida 15 norte

This park is where you’ll find some of the best food carts in Playa. Everyday, rain or shine, you’ll find a gathering of 6-10 different stands here. A typical selection of tacos, tortas (sandwiches), quesadillas and burritos. Lots of options here, so stop in and take a look! Prices are pretty good, as this is more of a local hang out than one for tourists. Tacos are $12mx, tortas are $25 and quesadillas & burritos are $30 and HUGE. Each stand has pretty much the same menu and pricing, though they vary in their meat options. This is a great spot for a family that might each want something different, without having to pay restaurant prices.

Taco de Pollo

1/4 of a quesadilla. Only $30mx!

The entrance to the park


Burger Stand, 28 de Julio & Ave Chemuyil (across from Oxxo on the north side); Calle Playa del Carmen & 28 de Julio

Down here in Mexico we don’t often look for American foods like burgers and fries. But one night we were out and saw this cart selling burgers and fries. We decided to indulge in some comfort foods, and it was an excellent choice!!

This burger stand is one of the best food carts in Playa. Their burgers are sirloin, and topped with ham, cheese, mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato and grilled onions. You can also choose one that has pinapple, or bacon, or a sausage that’s sliced in half. Boy, do these guys know how to do burgers! And the prices are amazing for what you’re getting, too. They are all $45-60mx. And SO worth it!

These guys are always busy!

A huge burger with a huge side of fries for $90mx


I hope these suggestions have given you ideas for the best food carts in Playa del Carmen! Do you have a favourite cart that I didn’t mention? Let me know in the comments so I can check it out!!


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Just tried the Mission restaurant great food great prices
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