BEST Mexican Pico de Gallo Recipe

Since I schooled you all the other day on how to make a killer guacamole, I figured the next logical step would be for you to learn an even simpler, though equally requisite, Mexican recipe… Pico de Gallo!

Pico de Gallo, otherwise known as salsa fresca, is so versatile in Mexican dishes, it’s pretty much an imperative recipe to have in your arsenal. I feel silly even writing it out because it’s so darn easy. But since so many of you were lost in making guacamole, it’s probably necessary ;).

So here you go. Pico de gallo. Get creative. Give it some flair. Then don’t forget to share your take on it!


Genius kitchen hack: Make this first, and double the recipe.. Then mash up a few avocados and add this to the avocados along with a little salt. You’ve just made guacamole! 2 birds with one stone!


My ROCKIN Pico de Gallo

3-4 Roma Tomatoes (yes, Roma, not regular! They have more meat and less juice, which is ideal with Pico)

1/2 Onion (red or white)

1/2 Lime (Don’t be lazy and use the bottled stuff. Be brave. Buy a whole lime. Your drink will thank you later)

5-6 sprigs fresh Cilantro, adjust based on taste (FRESH, not dried! Yes, it matters!)

Pinch of Sea Salt

Optional: 1/2-1 diced Jalapeno, with seeds



  1. Dice tomatoes, place in a bowl
  2. Dice onions, add to bowl
  3. Squeeze lime onto them
  4. Rough chop cilantro and add
  5. Mix well.

Make this one ahead of serving, it tastes better when it has a bit of time to marinate. 

Makes for an awesome addition to tacos, salads, or tortas (sandwiches)!


Now that you’ve learned the 2 easiest and most common Mexican recipes, I’ll move onto something a bit more difficult next time!

Stay tuned for more Mexican recipes… Obviously tacos will be making an appearance 😉

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Brooklyn Murtaugh

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This looks so delicious! I love Mexican food!

Brooklyn Murtaugh

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This looks so delicious, I love Mexican food!

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