BROchetas Restaurant Review, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

I had been hearing about BROchetas since our last visit to Playa in early 2016. We finally made it in for lunch last week, and it became a fast favourite- especially for Seth! So much so that he convinced me to go back 2 more times that same week!

Brocheta translates to ‘skewer’ in English, so it’s not hard to guess what we’ll be having for lunch!  I noticed they had a special that included 2 chicken skewers, an order of fries and a beer for $110mx ($7cad/$5.75usd), so we ordered that right away. Our server quickly brought over chips and a house-made salsa for us to snack on while we waited. The salsa was a bit spicier than I usually like, but delicious all the same. Seth even tried it out, and he’s not a salsa fan!


Chips and house-made salsa while we wait. Best way to enjoy a soda and a beer!

Our meal came very quickly, and was clearly fresh off the grill. Somehow, between my limited Spanish and our servers limited English, I managed to order an extra 2 skewers… But Seth was feeling hungry so it wasn’t a big deal. We ordered both teriyaki and BBQ, and quickly agreed that the BBQ was our top favourite. These sauces didn’t seem like anything too original, but they didn’t really need to be. The BBQ was reminiscint of Bull’s Eye Bold BBQ, which is Seth’s top choice. We were also given a tray with 4 house-made sauces, that offered an extra kick, if you wanted one. 2 of them were too spicy for me, but the chipotle was tasty, especially mixed with the BBQ sauce from the skewer.


BBQ Skewers are the best!


Seth quickly named the fries his favourite in recent memory.. They were fairly standard fries, but were tossed a lime seasoning salt that gave a really nice twist.


2 skewers, fries and a beer for $110mx

Service at BROchetas is fantastic. There looked to be 2 servers working the floor, and they were both attentive, friendly and quick to bring food and drinks. Our repeat trips to BROchetas saw the same great service, delicious food and friendly faces. The manager (could have been the owner, I’m not sure..) and servers both recognized us as soon as we walked up our second time, which is a testament to great service, I think!

We’ll definitely be returning here where we make it back to Playa in 2017, and will be happily recommending it to friends!



The manager even offered to buy me a drink! ( I guess coming in 3 times in a week is noticeable ;))


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Adrian Garza

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I’m very glad you like brochetas! We do it with love, and try to get it always right, fair and tasty!
This is your home are you will always be welcome !

see you soon

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