Roadtrip Day 3: Times Square, NYC


Heading into day 3 of walking NYC and I’m thankful I brought 2 pairs of sandals! My feet are pretty achy, and I’ve been substituting each day so I don’t get blisters. Had to use a bit  of ducttape to protect a couple spots though!

Day 3 and we’re off to see Times Square!

Europan Bakery

It’s crazy how much those subway tunnels can turn you around! I always feel disoriented when we get back on the street. It always takes a couple minutes of scanning street signs to figure out which direction to go!

Somehow this time I read the signs wrong, and we ended up going the wrong way… Which worked out OK, because we found the most delicious bakery! Seth couldn’t resist getting a giant cookie, and I HAD to try a REAL NYC bagel. Trust me when I say they live up to the hype!! Definitely the most delicious bagel I’ve ever eaten.

Hard to tell… But its the size of his head!

The BEST bagel and cream cheese I’ve EVER had!!!

After that super healthy breakfast we headed up the street towards Times Square. We passed Carlo’s Bake Shop, which was a completely accidental but super cool find. His cakes are seriously amazing (and priced to match!).

Walking around the theatre district was pretty crazy.. There are hoards of people, both tourists and locals, and SO many people selling tours. It was actually humourously awkward how easy it was to tell the tourists from the people who have to be there for one reason or another!

We made it to Times Square around lunch time, after window shopping our way up 7th Ave. Was it ever busy! It was a pretty overcast day so we stuck out a bit in our shorts and sandals… but we didn’t mind. Growing up in Alberta has left us pretty resistant to cold!

The sheer volume of giant billboard advertisements was amazing!! They completely surrounded us, everywhere you looked. These pictures don’t do it justice, but they’ll give you an idea!



Hershey Store

The Hershey Store was the first one we went into. A store full of chocolate is NOT something I can say no to! Inside is pretty cool. It’s literally a store filled with chocolate… bars, souvenir stuff.. stuffed animals.. even a bunch of ‘supersized’ treats, as you can see in the pics below!


Toys R Us

We wandered around the square for awhile longer, and headed into the (now closed) 3 story Toys R Us store when it started raining. We spent well over an hour in there checking everything out! As soon as we walked in we were greeted with a ferris wheel, which was a pretty cool sight! Not every day you walk in off the street and see an indoor ferris wheel!

We ended up going on a hunt to find all the Lego structures that were all over the store. You can see a few of the coolest ones below! The dinosaur isn’t Lego, but Seth couldn’t resist posing with it.


Our trip to Times Square was supposed to only span our morning, but we got caught up in the excitement, and ended up spending all day there! Looks like we’ll be heading to the Museum of Natural History tomorrow, instead of today!

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