The First Day of the Rest of Our Lives

You know that saying… ‘Today is the first day of the rest of your life’… That’s exactly how I feel today. Sure, we technically started out travel life 2.5 months ago. Buy we’ve enjoyed a pretty low-key summer with our family, in a town we know pretty well.

Today the adventure truly begins.

We’re off to New York City!!! A place that I’ve been dreaming about visiting for years!

We’re getting a late start, and have about 7 hours of driving ahead of us. I’m a confusing ball of nervous, excited, apprehensive and just plain READY. Ready to embrace being ‘home-free’. Ready to show my son the world. Ready to experience things I never thought possible as a single, teen mom. Ready to GO!

Today, we set out from Toronto, Ontario. Our end point: Orange, New Jersey. We’ll call a cute little airbnb home for the next 9 nights while we explore the city and jump into a gathering of unschoolers from around the world.

I’ll update later… Now it’s time to crank the tunes and hit the road!!

Peace out Canada!!

We have a bit of stuff….

Can still see out the back window though! (barely)










We arrived in Orange around 10pm. Our airbnb was quite easy to find, and it’s only a 10 minute walk to the train into the city. Our host met us to give us the keys and show us around. We’ve going to be comfortable here!

Turns out all the liquor stores are closed already, so no glass of wine to relax after 9 hours in the car. Time for bed, so we can head into the city tomorrow!



A nice view where we stopped for lunch

Getting comfy in our temporary home

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I'm a former teen mom, a career chef and an entrepreneur with a life-long wanderlust. My son and I recently became unschoolers and world-schoolers! This means we travel full-time and use our real-life experiences as a basis for his education. It's a blast, and we're both learning so much as we go! Follow us to keep up with our nomadic adventure!

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