That Money Question

One of the most common questions we get is ‘How do you earn money if you’re always travelling?’.
Naturally, this is a big concern for anyone considering full-time travel. Our whole lives we are conditioned to believe that we need to work a ‘normal’ 40 hours a week job to afford to live, so it’s pretty crazy to hear people do what we do, without punching a clock every day!
Here’s a few ways we earn an income while travelling full-time. This isn’t a complete list, as one of the biggest factors in this lifestyle is adaptability, so sometimes we do find other options to earn some money. I am a career chef and trained waitress, so I do have the ability to pick up a conventional job when we are in the same place for a longer period.

Website Design

I have built and designed several websites for myself, so eventually decided to offer it for others, as well. I offer a very inexpensive and simple option for anyone wanting to start a blog, without having to worry about actually STARTING it. If you’re interested check out my website to see the options! Please share, every blog I design helps us buy half a plane ticket, or a month’s worth of food!


I Design Clothing

Mostly for women, but not all. Seth is working on creating a store of his own, geared toward gaming and boys.
┬áHere’s a few examples, click on ‘See more’ to be taken to my store! Leave a comment if you have anything you’d like to see!


Facebook Group Sales

This is something I have done for a number of years. Facebook is an amazing hub for sales, and the local ‘buy/sell’ groups are a great resource. When back in Canada I spend a significant amount of time looking for items I can resell, or sell for family and friends.


Our EBay Store

Anyone that knows me knows I can be quite the deal hunter… So what better way to earn some spending cash (and suffice my love of shopping) than to resell my great deals on eBay?!
The listings change constantly.. Take a look and give me a follow to see when I add new stuff!

Amanda’s EBay Store


Our Amazon Store

We earn a small percent of each purchase made from our affiliate store. Any person that clicks one of our links, then goes on to purchase something from any amazon site, even if the item is not listed in our actual store, helps to fund our adventures.