November 2015

Seth's Blog

Patriots Point

Today we went to patriots point. Its a war museum in Charleston, South Carolina. It has a Vietnam war reenactment and a WW2 submarine, destroyer and an aircraft carrier. My favourite part was the aircraft carrier, the USS Yorktown, because its the most unique ship I’ve ever seen! On a normal ship every thing is centered but on an aircraft carrier the bridge is on the right side to allow planes to take off and…


Halloween on the Road

Halloween, 2015. When most kids are getting costumes on and preparing for trick or treating, we’re doing things a little different! We were supposed to head to Patriots Point, a military museum in Charleston. But, because we value sleep more than we do keeping a schedule, we didn’t get moving early enough to make it there. Funny how that happens! First things first, we kicked the day off with a Scary Pancake from IHOP! They…