Roadtrip Day 5: Museum of Natural History

Today was a super rainy day, so it’s a good thing our plan was to stay indoors at the American Museum of Natural History all day! Since we only brought sandals with us, our feet were pretty soaked by the time we got from the subway station to the entrance, though! Plenty of time to dry off while we wandered the museum.

As soon as we walked in I was taken back to watching Night at the Museum.. I immediately recognized the dinosaurs in the lobby. which was pretty neat.

One of the coolest things about the AMNH from the perspective of a budget traveller is that the admission fee is purely a suggestion. When you approach the desk to pay your fee, you can actually choose to pay whatever you’d like. So for us, as budget travellers and Canadians with a poor exchange rate, we were able to pay less than the $34.50 that the sign indicates. This is not a fact that is advertised in the Museum, so I had to ask the cashier if what I read online regarding this was correct. She confirmed, so I paid what I felt fit into our budget.

Once in the museum we first headed into the Rose Center for Earth and Space. There’s a giant sphere in the middle of the spiral walkway that signifies the sun, and as you’re walking up you ┬ásee various displays showing the comparison of all the planets in relation to the sun. We spent a fair amount of time in here reading all the comparisons and facts about each planet. This room provided a great opportunity to discuss exponents in math, because they were used when showing the distance of each planet from the sun.

From there we began an aimless wander through the different skeleton halls of the museum. We saw some pretty amazing creatures! The recreations of some of the habitats were really cool too.

We went downstairs to the cafeteria for a snack midway through the day, and were blown away at some of the prices. We opted to share a plate of chicken fingers, since we had brought a few snacks of our own. It was a good sized serving, but cost around $9, so was definitely a spurge!

After our snack we wandered through a few more halls until closing. We didn’t have time to see everything, but we spent around 7 hours there. You’d need to move pretty fast (we tend to dawdle) or spend a couple days here to really see everything!



Our greeter in the lobby


One of the smallest dinosaurs ever found

So Big!!!



A Seth-sized dinosaur

What a huge turtle!!!


The stampeding elephants from Night at the Museum

We made a friend


We collect these stone spheres, so we were thrilled to find some in the museum gift shop!

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