The BEST Mexican Guacamole Recipe

This giant avocado was $25mx!

Guacamole is basically LIFE here in Mexico. At least for me, anyways ;). It’s the first thing I look for on a restaurant menu, and pretty much order it everywhere I go!

(Manne’s has the best guac in Playa, if you’re wondering!)

So it pretty much blows my mind when people are confused about how to make it… It just seems so simple!

After getting asked SO many times how I make it, I’ve decided to write it down.

So share it, and make me famous for my pretty much average guac recipe. Because that would be the BEST reason to become famous! (That, or something to do with tacos. I could handle that, too.)


Budget tip: I use guacamole as a measure for how expensive a restaurant is… $40-50mx is a good price. So anything higher is a sign that the restaurant is fairly expensive 😉


My Guacamole Recipe

The only ingredients you need (plus salt, of course)

2-3 Avocados (you want them to be soft, but not mushy)

1/4 Onion, white or red

1 Roma Tomato (less juice than a normal tomato, which is ideal with guac)

4-5 sprigs of Fresh Cilantro, adjust based on taste. (yes, fresh. Let’s keep it real.)

1/2 fresh Lime (you CAN substitute bottled lime juice.. But don’t. Just buy the lime for $0.30, and use the other half to flavour a drink ;))

1 tsp Salt

Optional: 1/4-1/2 diced jalapeno

**Genius kitchen hack: If your avocados are too hard, put them in a paper bag on the counter or in a dark cupboard overnight. They should be softer by morning**


  1. Cut open Avocados and scoop out into a bowl. Mash with a fork (lumps are good!)
  2. Dice onion and tomato. Add to the bowl
  3. Roughly chop the cilantro. Add to the bowl
  4. Squeeze the lime onto the rest of the ingredients. 
  5. Add salt
  6. Mix well
  7. Chow down!

Serve fairly quickly after making. The lime juice will help delay browning, but it will still turn brown after a couple hours.

This also makes a delicious topping for tacos, or a spread for a sandwich!


The delicious finished product:

Best nighttime snack!! Homemade guac and chips, with a $12mx cooler


I hope this recipe helps convert you over to a life full of guacamole!

And don’t forget to share… You KNOW you want to see my name in the lights attached this beauty of a recipe 😉


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